History of the

Stolte Brothers

Cees Stolte on his Berini M21 Sport

As a 15-year-old boy on his way from Staphorst, on the Berini M21 Sport, to Slagerij J. Nijensikkens in Balkbrug.

Cees Stolte op zijn Berini M21 sport

Herman Stolte on his Eysink

As a 17-year-old boy, Herman is proud of his brand-new Eysink Record that he bought that day from K. Meesters in Staphorst.

Herman Stolte op zijn Eysink

Herman & Cees Stolte at the Eysink and Berini

Herman and Cees on the mopeds are photographed together with the neighbor boy on the horse of the Stolte family named Winsor.

Herman en Cees Stolte op de Eysink en Berini

Reint & Martina Stolte (The parents)

Herman and Cees's parents, named Reint and Martina, are riding their Jawa motor. Reint was then also a horse and motorcycle enthusiast.

Reint en Martina Stolte

Cees Stolte with his Toyota Mark II

At the age of 22, Cees is standing next to his Toyota Mark II at the Werkhorst in Staphorst.

Cees Stolte met zijn Toyota Mark 2

Cees Stolte reunited with his Berini M21 Sport

Cees was reunited in Motortreffen (Woerden) with the Berini M21 Sport that he happened to bump into.

Cees Stolte herenigd met zijn Berini M21 sport